Arabian Peninsula

The Desert

*The desert is hot and dry

*In the desert they have powerful winds and sand dunes

*People adapted to the desert by using tents and long gowns to protect them selves from the tough environment

*Another way they adapted was they used camels for traveling through the desert because camels store water in their humps and don't need to eat and drink alot.

The Oases

*Oases are spots of fertile land found in a desert

*Oases have water, fertile land, and plant's and shrub's in them

*People adapted to Oases by building wells to get fresh water

The Coastal Plain

*In the coastal plain there are natural harbors and a few dry riverbeds

*People farmed fruits grains and vegetables

*The air is damp and moist

*There was extensive sea trade


*Lots of rain and riverbeds

*They used manure and ashes for fertilizer

*They constructed dams and irrigation systems

*the elevation was somewhere between 1000-1200 feet