Hiring: Funding Research Analyst

Help us build the world's most amazing startup funding database

Funding Research Analyst

We are Building the World's Most Amazing Funding Tool

We are building a next generation product that aims to be the mostcomprehensive source of funding information that has ever existed. We're looking for someone to help lead thateffort and join a team of startup funding zealots.

Our existing products, Fundable.com, Go BIG Network, and Bizplan.comall cater to the needs of startup companies looking to find funding for theircompany. We want to build on nearly adecade of startup funding experience by creating a comprehensive catalog ofevery funding source available to startups.

Startups Need Funding Help

Nearly 6 million companies are formed every year in the U.S. alone andthe path to funding them is very difficult. Finding available funding sources, whether they are equity (venturecapital, angel investors), debt (commercial loans, equipment loans) or newforms of capital like crowdfunding or incubators - is challenging at best.

Our focus is to make this process easier by providing great insight asto what funding sources are available as well as the shortest, most likely pathtoward being successful with these sources. Your job will be to make sure we can provide entrepreneurs witheverything they could ever want to know about funding.

Position Requirements

Product Vision. You understand what this product should beand how to make it great. We of coursehave a vision for what this should be but we want you to own the outcomepersonally. We're looking for someonethat genuinely wants to change startup funding significantly and has a visionbehind it.

Outgoing. Our team is very social and engaging. We want someone that wants to join in theconversation and be involved. Personality matters as we have a very dynamic culture.

OCD-Level of Detail. We are looking to curate and maintain themost accurate and useful information ever assembled for startup funding. That requires finite attention to everydetail of every profile we add to our site. We want someone who wakes up at night freaking out that a field no onewill probably ever search might have a typo.

Investor + Funding Experience. The ideal candidate will befamiliar with the different types of funding sources from angel investors todebt providers. A lack of thisexperience isn't a deal killer, but it's a serious bonus if you understand thefunding environment very well.

Understanding APIs. They key to maintain a large volume ofcurrent data is to connect to useful API's that are constantly updatingfeeds. You don't need to code, but youneed to understand what API's are capable of and how to leverage themaccordingly.


Compensation begins at $35,000 base salary for junior level candidatesand may increase for more experienced professionals.

Stock in Fundable is also part ofthe compensation package.

Our Environment

We work in a casual, fun atmosphere. Not the kind of 'casual, fun atmosphere' that a bigcorporation tells you about and then sticks you in a cubicle and ties you tosome horrible middle manager.

Our offices are located in Powell, nestled over a beautifully woodedravine with floor to ceiling windows of natural light. You can literally see chipmunks playing whileyou're on the phone.

We've just finished a complete remodel of our offices to create evenmore open spaces, as well as accommodate significantly more caffeinatedbeverages in our kitchen. Most days wedon't even need to turn the lights on because each room is lit by 2 stories ofnatural light. Yay, sunlight.

An outdoor patio surrounds the building with deck chairs and picnictables which is great in the Spring and totally useless in the Winter.

The team is experienced and highly energetic. We are all entrepreneurs ourselves. We want to conquer the world, and we look forpeople who share our passion.

What We Do

Fundable.com is an online platformfor startup companies to crowdfund their companies. Crowdfunding takes advantage of the new JOBSAct that allows startup companies to publicly raise money from individualinvestors like you and me.

Startups can list their idea onFundable and use the platform to attract investors to back theircompanies. Until now, this was a longand painful process that kept millions of great founders and ideas from everseeing the light of day.

Fundable takes the friction out ofthe process by connecting startups and backers online, saving significantamounts of time and frustration.

About Our Founder

Fundable.com was built forentrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. OurFounder, Wil Schroter, has built 8 startup companies in the past 18 years frompure startups to companies surpassing $2 billion in sales. His startups include Blue Diesel (nowinVentiv), Swapalease.com, Go BIG Network, Bizplan.com, GotCast.com,Unsubscribe.com, Affordit.com, and Virtucon Ventures.

Wil has been recognized by the Ernst& Young entrepreneur of the Year Award and the U.S. Small BusinessAssociation Young entrepreneur of the Year Award.

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