3 types of art by: Nicole surles

Name of art work the garden parasol   Who made it  Frederick Carl  friesoke

It is at the North Carolina museum of art. Type of art representational

It shows her like people are like in the real world

Who made it Robert William vannoh year it was made 1890  name of artwork winter sun and shadow at the museum at the North Carolina museum of art

It is a representation becuse you can till what it is

Designs at wrigthvile beach

Minnie Evans

1968 gibes museum of art it is abstract becuse you cat rellay till what it is

Who made it Ben Nicholson  year 1947

At the museum of British council  it is abstract because you. Can not really tell what it is

Light gray wall by Josef Albers 1958 at the museum of fine arts

It is non objective because you can really tell what is cause it is a lot of shapes and lines.

Painterly reulism of a foot player Malevich kazimir serineuvich 1915

At the museum of Chicago  it is non-objective because you can't really till because of the shapes and lines

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