Earth moon and Sun
    By Logan Latz

SECTION 1 Earth in Space

1. How does earth move in space?

Earth moves through space in two major ways rotation and revolution.

2. What causes the cycle of seasons on earth?

The angle of earths axis and how direct the sunlight is.

Section 2 Gravity and Motion

1. What determines the strength of the force of gravity between two objects?

Every object in the universe is attracted to each other.

2. What two factors combine to keep the moon and earth in orbit?

Gravity and inertia keep the moon and earth in orbit.

Section 3 Phases Eclispe and Tides

1. What causes the phases of the moon?

The changing relative positions of the moon, earth, and sun cause the phases of the moon, eclipses, and tides.

2. What are lunar and solar eclipse?

when the moons shadow hits the moon an eclipse occurs. during a lunar eclipse earth blocks sunlight from reaching the moon.

3. What causes the tide?

Tides are caused mainly by differences in how  the moons gravity pulls on different parts of earth.

Section 4 Earths Moon

1. What features are found on the moons surface?

Surface include maria,craters,and highlands.

2. What are some characteristics of the moon?

The moon is dry and airless, has variations and its surface temperature.

3. How did the moon form?

planet sized object collided with the earth to form the moon.

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