TV Network Product Placement

Product Placement in The Walking Dead

In this scene, the group is walking through the woods to get to their next destination. It would be a good marketing option for Nike to gave a couple of these cast member wearing some really old Nike shoes to show that their product will last a long time in any sort of conditions. These people have been through a lot and have traveled many miles by foot, and to have your shoe being worn in a show like this would make the viewers think higher of your product.

In this scene, Bob here is in a tight predicament. This man and some of his friends captured Bob and because they were hungry; started eating Bob's leg. This all could have been changed if the people would have had a couple cans of Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup. The people would be satisfied and Bob would still have his leg. Everybody Wins!

In this scene, Lori is driving a Mercury vehicle that is not very large. She swerves to miss a walker and has an almost fatal crash when this happened. This would be a good time for Cadillac to have Lori driving am Escalade and instead of crashing the car, she could have just ran the walker over.

This is a scene of a man walking through the woods all alone with no shelter, and this would be a good sport for North Face to put this man wearing a North Face jacket to show the audience that even though he doesn't have shelter, his jacket will keep him out of the elements enough. Also, it would prove that North Face jackets are made high quality and last a long time.

In summary, The Walking Dead is a show that is watched by a variety of people therefore making it a great show for companies to advertise their products in. All of the product would fit the age range of most of the viewers and hopefully the viewers would see how good these products are and want to go buy them.

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