Anti Gravity Straps

The Anti Gravity Straps can lift and move really heavy objects with just your hands and you don't even have to touch the object its using just the Anti Gravity straps to move the object. The straps can pick up like trucks, really heavy dirt and still keep it all packed together, also boulders and maybe mountains it all depends on the size and length of the mountain and how tough the Anti Gravity straps are. If you would like to use the Anti Gravity straps to pick humans or animals up without touching them you can but it can be very dangerous and hurt them. The Anti Gravity straps could use to much force and blow them to pieces and maybe also throw them a long distance in the air.

You can buy Anti Gravity Gravity straps in local stores like Walmart or in the mall. We think that the Anti Gravity straps would be very helpful for business to move very heavy objects. The Anti Gravity straps can also be helpful around the house to move heavy objects or just for fun but you have to be careful with how you use the Anti straps or someone can get hurt. You must be 18 or older to buy the Anti Straps and have adult supervision if in children usage.

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