Introduction to Proface

Welcome to Proface!

This is great social media site for meeting new people, and connecting with family and friends.

How to sign up

First off you go to and enter a username, password, and your email in case if there is a problem like forgetting your password. Then you click signup on the bottom right corner. When you sign up, you are brought to your blank profile. Click on the gray square and press upload to upload a profile picture. After you select one, you can click on the area where it reads "enter your bio here" and type something that you would like to describe yourself, that everyone who accesses your profile can see. Then, you can search other peoples profiles and follow them so their posts show up in your feed, and people can follow you also. Then, happy posting!


How Do I Post Comments?

How to post comments:

You can comment on your own posts, and others post's. You click on the little message bubble under the post, and type in whatever you would like for the public to see including the person who posted what you commented on.

How Do I Like Posts?

When other people post things, you have the option to "like" it. If you enjoy a specific post, you can click on the little heart button at the bottom next to the comment button. The person who posted it will receive a notification that you liked their post, and the public can also access who has also liked the post, including you.

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