How did I make the theme my own?

I made the theme my own by using Monica Regan's shoes. I wanted to picture to look like there was foot prints leading up to the empty shoes.

What do I like about my photo?

I like that the shoes are really crisp looking in the picture.

What would I change about my photo?

Some of the foot prints are hard to see leading up to the shoes, so next time I will try to make them more noticeable.

What actions did I run and what did I do with these actions?

I cropped and ran the Rainbow Dream Action on it. I only used a few levels from the Rainbow Dream Action. I also ran the picture through Ashley Clean Actions and Define and Sharpen actions to clean up the image.

What photo from last week do I think is the best and why?

The theme from last week was water drops. My favorite from last was Jenna Alstad's pictures. Her photos had nice angles and were clean and crisp with a soft background. All of this created nice water drops.

My ISO was 200

My aperture was F/10

Shutter speed was 1/100