Imagery in The Martian Chronicles

The rockets set the bony meadows afire, turned wood to charcoal, turned water to steam, turned rock to lava, silica and sand into green glass that lay shattered mirrors reflecting the invasion (pg.78)

Time sounded like water running running in a dark cave and voices crying and dirt dropping down hallow box lids. (pg. 80)

What did time smell like? Like dust and clocks and people. (pg. 80)

The rocket lay on launching field, blowing out pink clouds of fire and oven heat. The rocket stood in the cold winter morning, making summer with every breath of its mighty exhaust. The rocket made climates, and summer lay for brief moment upon the land. (pg. 1)

They dragged him, struggling, away. They slammed the police wagon door and drove him off into the early morning, his face pressed to the rear window, and just before they sirened over a hill, he saw the red fire and heard the big sound and felt the huge tremor as the silver rocket shot up and left him behind on the ordinary Monday morning on the ordinary planet Earth. (pg. 32)

She tried to stop the words from coming out of her lips, but the words were these:

                                    She walks in beauty, like the night

                                    Of cloudless climes and starry skies;

                                    And all that's best of dark and bright

                                      Meet in her aspect and her eyes (pg.15)

He was drenched to the skin, but the held his head his face up and let the water hit his eyelids, laughing. He clapped his hands together and stepped up and walked around his little camp, and it was one o'clock in the morning. (pg. 76)

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