Colonial life
by juliana

One Monday morning I woke up from her bed and she went to the bathroom to brush her teeth and she had to go to the bathroom and she had to go to the bathroom in a pot or an outhouse and when you are three years old you have to start cleaning the pot but not the outhouse. Then the girl went to her room and changed and then her mom told her five more minuets and then she was done and she went to eat breakfast and when she was done with breakfast her mom drove her to school and at school her friends were nice to her but her teacher was not nice to her. Then they started class and when the bell rings that means you are late for class and when you are late you have to stay outside for eighteen hours and then after the outside thing your teacher has to pinch you and it hurts a lot and then you get to go inside and sit and then the teacher starts teaching math to the kids and then reading and writing  and after that spelling and then lunch and recess recess means go out and play. Then after that the class has art and music and. Then it was time to go home and when she. Got home she ate dinner. The end.

Colonial life must be hard because I would not wont do my chors.I would not have lots of friends and they would be far away and they don't have cars and other stuff so I would go on my horse if I had one.Then it was Monday and it was school and I did not get any of  the punishmints the punishmints are putting a ruler behind your back and other stuff.

The wind was blowing it is still night time we have to wake up.We have to do our chores.Our first chore is to churn the butter then we must help mom cook breakfast.Now we must walk three miles to go to school.Our teacher is very strict she does not let us smile.We would break a rule if we did look out the window because we'll get distract by our work.We have to stay in our seats unless our teacher spoke to us in class.If we need to use the restroom we need to Stand up and say may I be excused.We had to say that because the teacher's didn't like the word toilet it was really discussing to them.At the end of school we have to walk three miles agin and we have to help mom cook dinner for our family  .and all the days start agin.

Imagine you were in the colonial lifetime it would be hard because we do not have a lot of money and we have to live in cavines we do not have bathrooms we have bucies and then we have to clean it we go to school too but are teacher is vary vary strict I have to keep my bake straight and we are aloud  to smile it's not fun because the teachers slap us in the hand if we did sumthing  bad that's  are punishment.

My colonial life.
Carla morales.