SENZ 2014

The bright sunshine burst through the light yellow curtains and struck my eyes, it was like I was staring into the sun. I was so excited because I was going to SENZ with Mum to have a look around and help her and Limor Webber, one of Mum’s friends from Canada. I hurried to get changed and get dressed into a black top from Italy with some navy blue jeans with a black and blue denim jacket, I barely had time for breakfast before we raced out to the Ellerslie Events Center.

We finally got to SENZ and as soon as we walked through the doors I heard the hustle and bustle of a big and beautiful market, we walked about five steps then we stopped because EVERYONE new Mum (because she is world famous!!!), we finally made it through the doors, we love to bake so we first went to the bustling cake section where everyone seemed to be! Surprisingly there was nothing we liked! Next we headed around the corner to the less busy scrapbooking area where I met some really cool people, and shops one shop had traveled all the way from Timaru to come up to Auckland for the show.

I met one more of Mums many friends then we traveled up an escalator and into the cake comp area where people make and decorate a cake then put it onto a huge table to be judged, there were also live cake decorating demos. My favourite cakes were a really cool family of birds sitting on a fence that was sagging under the weight of the birds, my other favourite was the tv program Game Of Thrones Iron Throne a throne that had been constructed by iron swords, this cake was almost as tall as me!

After we saw the FABSOME cakes we went across the floor and walked into the busy cafeteria for lunch where we were stopped again this time for a photo, we got into line again and got some scrumptious food, I got a mince pie, a small sausage roll and some chocolate cake, while Mum got a huge mince pie, we shared some hot chips that burnt our throats and a big bottle of lemonade.

We finished lunch and with a skip and a hop with arrived at the class with Limor and her two teachers assistants,put names here they were busily setting up the tables and strongly stirring up some pots of what seemed to be white powder, but when you added water they some liquid it turned into a colour. Then Fiona the boss marched through the hallway and into the classroom yelling at Limor to get herself down stairs and into the Artful craft store for a demo this minute, Limor was absolutely fuming because she didn't know that she had to do the demo, before leaving she whispered that this is what Fiona always did to her, never to some others.

After about half an hour Limor came back, she had dumped Fiona because her class was about to start. The class was again FABSOME!! We made 3 tags in a class the first class we had a tad then we sprayed them to get the colour we wanted, we dried it under a heat gun before adding some stencils and paint, then again drying them under the heat gun, them finally adding drawings, ink and some more colour. In the second class we did exactly the same, but with different people and Pineapple Lumps and Whittakers Chocolate!

Finally it was time to go we packed up all our stuff and mum went and go her four huge boxes of layouts, kits, product and projects.

Later that night I felt very privileged to go to SENZ 2014, and overall it was by far my favourite day in the holidays!


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