Taxonomy/Cells Vocabulary

Cells- The basic unit of structure and function in living things

Cell membrane- a thin, flexible barrier that surrounds a cell and controls which substances passes into and out of a cell

Organelle- a tiny cell structure that carrys out a specific function within the cell

Tissue- an aggregate of similar cells and cellproducts forming a definite kind of structuralmaterial with a specific function, in a multicellularorganism.

Organ- a tiny cell structure that carries out a specific function within a cell

Unicellular- made of a single cell

Multicellular- consisting of many cells

Autotroph- am organism that is able to capture energy from the sunlight or chemical and it is used produce its own food

Heterotroph- an organism that cannot make its own food and gets its food by consuming other living things

Prokaryotic- a unicellular organism that lacks a nucleus and some other cells structure

Eukaryotic- an organism whose cells contain a nucleus