The moon's importanc

Isac Vasquez
4th hou

Three things that would affect us

First of all , we would have no tides. I'm sure you already know this, but think of all the lakes that would be drained forever. Without the moon, it wouldn't refill. Most people don't care if the moon's gone, but if it was we'd be in trouble! Without tides, how would fish get to their breeding spot? Some fish use tides to retire to their birthplace and lay their eggs. Without tides, what would keep the Earth in balance? If you didn't know, the moon's gravity affect on water, tides, keep the earth in balance, if the moon were gone, then the earth would spin faster and faster! We could have 6 hour days! That's not a lot of time to get our daily business done.

Secondly, it would affect our calendars. Without the moon to help us with the days, we could lose track, and get into problems when leap year arrives. To add to losing the dates, you could miss important dates, like meetings, job interview, or even miss a birthday party. Even the president would have trouble getting to his meetings on time, big political problems!

Finally, we would have no more eclipses. Without the moon, how do you expect to have eclipses? An eclipse is an amazing sight! And its one of a kind! Unless your planning to move to mars to see an Eclipse. Most other pants don't have eclipses, or a moon in that case, we're just one of those lucky planets in the universe.

The moon is one of our wonders, and if it were gone, many things would change. So enjoy it while you can, I bet Aliens do. If the moon was gin, how do you think the world would change?

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