Adventure Therapist

three facts:

1:It dates back to the days of ancient Greece. But the field of adventure therapy is new. It started only two decades ago. And it continues to search for an identity.

2:The idea that being active can help people recover from psychological problems is not new

3:Adventure therapists work with a wide range of patients. Some patients are suffering from depression or substance abuse.

the money : Earnings: Recreational TherapistsRegionAverage Annual EarningsAverage Hourly EarningsU.S. National $34,780   $16.72

the education: A number of private and public universities and colleges offer courses that introduce students to adventure-based therapy. But there is no set educational path to adventure therapy.

You must have strong outdoor skills and the necessary clinical skills if you want to become a true adventure therapist, says Itin. And there are several ways you can get both.