Brands - 4/7/15

Five of my favorite brands


-North Face




Forever21  first gained my loyalty when I went to the mall and started going into their store. I also so commercials of them on TV. They gained my loyalty because they have a lot of nice clothes for decent or cheap prices. I love the store Forever21 and it is one of my favorite stores. Another brand I like is Nike. I don't have a lot of Nike things but I still do like that brand because they have good quality clothing and other things. These two brands would probably not lose me as a fan unless they ended up having bad quality things or something.

Most logos have in common things like how they grab the people's attention by their symbols. They make symbols that look cool and that people can recognize when they see the symbol.

If I were to make a logo it would it be something that is simple and small that looks cool. The logo that I would make would mostly be for clothing.