Did Jessa and husband Ben Seewald break more rules than they cared to admit?

Shortly after the wedding of Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald took place, allegations arose about the two being in an act of "lust" in the very church they were wed in. In response to the issue that was soon proven false, Jessa posted a quote from the Bible.

Jessa's response to the early consummation of their marriage at church is a scripture, Daily Mail reports. According to the article, Jessa's Instagram post reads, "Repay no one evil for evil, but give thought to do what is honorable in the sight of all."

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This follows after the "ridiculous sex scandal" revolving around the newlyweds, says Wet Paint. The rumor has Jessa and Ben requesting for some private time in the Arkansas church to share their first kiss, but that Jessa's sister and maid-of-honor for the wedding, Jinger, had opened the door to see them in an act of "lust." Wet Paint's original report says, "A commenter who goes by the name of Mary B claims to have attended the wedding as well, and insinuates it was far more than a lip-lock the two shared inside the church."

The poster of the comment, Mary B, wrote on the blog My Life as a Stay At Home Wife and Mom, saying that Jinger had a "look of shock on her face" after closing the door, continues Daily Mail.

Originally, Mary B was reported by Wet Paint to be very upset about the incident and questioning why they newlyweds could not wait after prayer and the reception to consummate their wedding.

However, in an update, the article allegedly has someone claiming to be Mary B clarifying that her statements were untrue. According to Mary B, "I was very surprised to recently hear my original comment regarding the wedding was reported by multiple news agencies, websites, and publications." Mary B continued, "I was not at the wedding-I don't know the Duggars personally. This comment was SATIRE on a SATIRICAL blog."

The couple had been insistent on having a private first kiss, says Pastor Mike Schadt. According to People, Schadt mentions the privacy of the kiss being important to both Jessa and Ben. Instead of the two kissing after the ceremony at the church, the said kiss allegedly happened on the reception, while Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar offered one for the crowd in place of the newlyweds.

Once the private kiss seems to have been done, the two didn't seem too shy about sharing some more public kisses. Jessa posted an Instagram photo of a kiss they shared on Tuesday after a visit to Jessa's elder brother, Josh and his wife, Anna.

While that has been happening in real life, Christian Today reports Ben and Jessa being shown in Tuesday's episode of "19 Kids & Counting" holding hands on Ben's scavenger hunt marriage proposal. Holding hands before engagement is against the family's rules, and the two allegedly did not stop there. "After Jessa excitedly accepted, the couple engaged in a full-frontal hug-something prohibited until marriage," the article continued.

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