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The Right Job for You, look for a new job? According to experts, you ought to think about these things:-First, know yourself! You should ask yourself exactly what you want from a job. Is it money, interesting work, nice co-workers, or something else? Different people want different things from a job. Where are you now, and where do you want to be? You also might want to think about your personal relationships. Consider which relationships are going well, which ones are not, and, most importantly, why.

This will help you understand how you relate to people you work with. Make changes! If you had problems in another job (may be you were always late, or you did not finish projects), then you should make changes before you take a new job.

At Steplink Recruitment Group can provide you with some great job interview tips and informed advice on how to write a successful CV for a job application. We can also advise you on how to write a Cover Letter that gets you noticed by employers and how to resign professionally.

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A good CV should get you an interview for the job you want. Your main aim is to present yourself in a professional manner and to show the employer that you know how to do the job. You need to know which details to include on your CV, what you should leave out and how you can best highlight your skills, experience and education for the employer.

Job Interview Tips No matter how well qualified you are for a job, it’s your personality and personal presentation at the interview stage that will decide whether or not your application is successful. However, interviewees shouldn’t panic about interviews as you can develop the skills required to make the interviews a positive experience, and one that they can approach with confidence.

How To Resign Professionally?

There are both right and wrong ways of resigning from your job. Doing it the wrong way can lead to bad feelings between you and your employer, recriminations or even a bad reference. On the other hand, the correct resignation etiquette will contribute to continued success in both your personal and career development. To ensure that you leave your position on good terms with your employer.

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