Properties Of Matter

Mass- a measure of the amount of matter in an object.

Volume- a measure of how much space an object takes up.

Weight- the force of gravity between earth and an object

States of matter- One of the three forms that matter can take solid,liquid,and gas.

Buoyancy- the upward push of a liquid on an object placed in it

Density- a measure of how tightly packed the matter in an object is

conduct- to allow heat to pass through easily

Insulate- to prevent heat from passing through

solubility- the quality or property of being soluble able to dissovle

magnetism- the power to be attracted

boiling point- the temperture for each substance at which it changes from liqiud to gas

Freezing point- another name for melting point when a liqiud changes to a solid

melting point- a particular temperture for when a substance changes frome solid to liquid

Biotic- of, relating to, resulting from living things

consumer- any animale that eats plants of any plant-eating animale

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