Google Forms Activity

Create a Student Survey that you can use at the beginning of the school year.  The Student Survey should be used to help you learn a little more about the children in your class.  Follow the steps below to complete the activity.

  1. Sign in to Google Forms at
  2. Create a Google Form.
  3. Enter the title “Student Survey”.  Under the Description enter your teacher name.
  4. Question 1 - “What is your name?”
  5. Question 2 - "What is your class period?" (make it a 'Choose from a list' type question)
  6. Enter 4-6 more questions about things that you would like to learn about your students.
  7. Make two of the questions “Multiple Choice”.
  8. Make two of the questions “Text”.
  9. Send the form and share with a colleague at your table.

For additional resources watch the video below (13 + minutes long) or check HERE.