Hiroshima- hope
By: Alexa Busby

Many people in Hiroshima after the bombing have a hard time 'living their lives like the dream they have is real" because of a illness or because they lost everything in the bombing and are now poor.  Also during and after the bombing they had to keep each other safe and help everyone they can.

This is the Japanese symbol for hope.

These are the hope lanterns that are put out on the anniversary of the bombing.

MY Poem

On that horrible day

Thousands of people died, some still a mystery

But now, many years later everything is okay

And what happened there is history

These people had hope

In hard times that were very long

In these harsh conditions they had to cope

They had to stay strong

The people had lost everything

But they still had hope, they kept moving on

Even when times became frustrating

They awaited a new dawn

Eventually as time passed

The survivors started a new beginning

They would never forget what happened after the blast

But their lives went on and they found reasons to be grinning

Chelsie Hill had hope and is able to drive a car again after being paralyzed in an accident.  She has hope that if she keeps working hard at physical therapy she will be able to walk again.

My Assistance

If I had been able to provide assistance to the survivors I would have tried to help people medically.  I would bring materials that doctors needed to help.  I would also try and care for people who are injured by getting items for them such as water or rice.  Another action I would do to help would be to offer calming advice to people who are very scared, especially children.

This picture shows people helping each other, just like I would do if I was able to help during the Hiroshima bombing.

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2 years ago

Good Job Alexa!! 😄 😛

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I think you japanese pictures really bring out the Hiroshima theme!

2 years ago

I think that your theme fits nicely with the Hiroshima setting. I love your refrence to the Japanese/Chinese symbol to hope! Great Job!😄

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Good Job Alexa, I think your video ties nicely in with your theme.

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Love your tackk Alexa, great job!😄