Chapter 1 project: On the Move

A.johnson, d.kirkland.,2/28/14

This is my convenience survey on transportation, the survey shows that majority of the students get to school by car. Out of the 20 students 17 get to school by car, 2 by bus, and 2 by both bus and car. In conclusion to my survey I found that the problem is with the usage of gas used each day.

This is another convenience survey that shows on my product of a limousine service that I have 14 potential customers that are willing to pay 5,10,or 15 dollars a week to use. Also to what they want the product to do like have snacks, beverages and tv as part of the limousine service.

With the problem of usage of gas used everyday, I cam up with the product of a limousine service. Students would car pool together with other students that are close in location. This method will save everyone's gas and money spent on gas. The price for Monday- Friday will be 10 dollars for each week, the limousine sits about 10 people in it.

This bar graph shows that out of the 14 students 5 wanted to have beverages included in the service, 4 wanted snacks, and 5 wanted Television.

This graph displays the amount students would pay for the service.

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