Join APO in a Pumpkin Bash!

When and Where?

October 14th through 17th

We will be fundraising from 10 am to 4 pm everyday

Come find us on the Oval!

What are we selling?

Anything and everything pumpkin related!

Large glitter pumpkins, small glitter pumpkins, brownies with pumpkin candies on top, pumpkin shaped cookies.

How much is it?

We only take donations!

Nothing has a set price, so feel free to donate whatever amount you feel is appropriate.

If you need some guidelines, take a look below!

Cookies and Brownies: $1 to $2

Small glitter pumpkins: $3

Large glitter pumpkins: $6

Where does the money go?

Special Spaces, a non profit organization that focuses on creating dream bedrooms for children with life threatening illnesses.

Special Spaces was founded on the precedent that children battling a life threatening illness need their own special space. It should be a special space of hope and inspiration and a place to find peace and comfort.