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Adv. Dip. CP, MNCS (Snr Acc)

Bereavement therapist supporting you through change and transition

Why a ball of wool?

Sometimes we might feel like we want to curl up into a ball and hide away from prying eyes. Sometimes there may be a part of us that feels we are being pulled or tugged in a direction that doesn't feel comfortable and we could begin to unravel. The different colours symbolise our changing moods.

When the above happens, it can be comforting to know someone is available to help support us. Someone who will listen without judging, offer their views with no hidden agenda and most importantly has the ability to allow you to be yourself no matter if that self wishes to cry, laugh,be angry or sad, sit in silence or rant.

We all have times in our life when things become overly stressful and often we manage and cope, though on occassion there can be too many things weighing down on us, our coping strategies cease to work and this is when life becomes heavy and everying starts to race out of control. The smallest thing turns into a massive issue and we may even think we are going mad! It can feel a frightening and lonely with no way out of the tailspin.

Choosing a therapist that you feel comfortable with and who has the expertise to help with your concerns is an important decision.

I am a Senior Accredited member of the National Counselling Society and also a member of the British Infertility Counselling Association and have been working within the counselling profession for 15 years as an Integrative therapist. This means I use elements from different schools of Psychotherapy to best support the personalities of my clients. I divide my time between the voluntary sector and private practice and some of the venues where I have worked include GP surgeries, Hospices, Church halls, Primary & Secondary Schools, Offices and people’s homes. I have experience working with adults, teenagers and children from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds in both 1:1 and group settings.


Grief and Loss / infertility and childlessness: I work with clients through many different situations and specialise in grief and loss, which encompasses bereavement, separation, divorce, loss of job or career, loss of hope, motivation and confidence, serious illness, loss of health or limbs, and infertility/childlessness.

With regards to infertility, I trained with BICA (British Infertility Counselling Association) and offer private counselling and am also one of the counselling team at the London Women's Clinic , The Bridge Centre, The London Sperm Bank and The London Egg Bank providing both implications and support counselling. I can support you through all stages of your journey which can be an exhausting and confusing time. If you are single or in a relationship and considering Fertility treatment (inc egg freezing or using donor sperm/eggs) or becoming an egg or sperm donor please be in touch.

I am very aware that men and women cope differently with many things in life, though especially with Assisted Conception and how the thoughts going round in your head relevant to the treatment cycle you are going through sometimes require an outlet.

I am specifically interested in the impact of childlessness, and sensitively exploring what being childless means to you and the effects it is having on your life. We will work together to try and reconcile, develop strategies and find a way in order for you to move forward with this loss in your life, both for men and women and also singles and couples where there is a togetherness and also an independent grieving that might be occurring.

Themes that tend to emerge through grief work include change and transition, identity, anger/stress and anxiety, self esteem, relationship difficulties, depression and discovering ways in which to live within a changed future and new beginning.

TRAUMA and PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder): I am trained in the REWIND Technique and studied this under the guidance of the founder at the International Association for Rewind Trauma Therapy. The technique delivers very swift results in eradicating nightmares, flashbacks, anxiety and panic which are involuntarily recalled due to triggers after a traumatic event such as an accident, attack, near death experience, abuse, witnessing of a tragedy, natural disaster, bereavement and other events that may have left a lasting effect that you cannot shake of or escape from.

This is different to counselling as it is a non disclosure method of therapy which means you do not need to verbalise or speak about the event if you don’t want to or are legally not allowed to (eg, military personnel). This also minimises the risk of being re-traumatised.

I have had great success helping people overcome their trauma/s very swiftly, with significant change often occurring after the first session.  If you are suffering from the effects of a traumatic episode and wish to move beyond it, please call me to discuss how I may be able to help.

My ultimate focus in all work is supporting you to find balance, meaning and a new perspective to difficult events that may be occurring in your life.

Fees and Term:

My work tends to be mostly short to medium term ranging from a single session to six months and we would agree an appropriate amount of sessions during our assessment. There are times when a 'Single Session' might be enough, specifically if there is just one issue that you wish to resolve and we remain focused solely on this.

We would normally meet for an initial assessment of 45 minutes. This provides us with an opportunity to meet face to face, allowing me to learn what is on your mind and for you to discover if my style is right for you.

If compatible we would agree a contract that includes how many sessions and what time to meet, generally weekly at the same time & day each week. If 'Single Session' is opted, we would speak on the phone in the first instance and then if agreed, arrange a time to meet for the session (up to 2 hours).

Initial Assessment Session: £30 ......................... Weekly sessions: £50 (1 hour) Sessions available face to face or if easier (not local/overseas), via Skype and telephone.

Fertility Implications Counselling - £60 (a single session with an individual or £80 for a couple to discuss the implications of embarking on any fertility treatment inc Egg Freezing, Sperm/Egg donation, using donor sperm/egg and understanding the legislation and questions about anonymity).

Single Session (upto 2 hours) - £100.  This work focuses on a single element & develops strategies, increasing confidence and appraising motivation to move forward.

Trauma Work (Rewind Technique) - £195 (inc up to 3 sessions)

Half day / day rates for workshops and contract work - please call to discuss

Concessions are available for individuals on low income, benefits and for students

Private Medical insurance - I am registered with the following private health insurance companies and if you have a policy with them and the appropriate cover you may be able to claim back some or all of the costs of our counselling sessions (please check first with your policy/provider): Aviva Health, Cigna, Vitality and WPA.

For more information about the talking therapy I provide and to discuss an issue in confidence please use the contact form at the bottom of this page or call me directly on 07785 714 254 (please leave a message if you get my voicemail as I may be in session at the time of your call and will call you back). My direct email is

I am based in the United Kingdom and offer counselling through North London, Barnet, Hertfordshire and within Central London. I am aware of the courage it can take to ask for help and how difficult it can be to reach out for support, as such if I feel I am not the right person to support you I will endeavour to help guide you to the correct person or organisation that will be able to.

Previous and on-going projects I have run, worked with and supported include The London Womens Clinic, Bridge Centre, London sperm Bank, London Egg Bank, MIND / IAPT, Sour/Sweet, North London Hospice, Marie Curie, Think Family, Barnet Bereavement Service, GroOops and the Teenage Pregnancy Strategy.

Books / Reading

I have written a few books that help support people through stress and relationships, delivering strategies on creating happiness and developing stronger relationships. More details can be found at

"Every negative event contains within it the seed of an equal or greater benefit" - Napoleon Hill

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