The Battle of Hastings

A War of Kings

King William the Conquerer

In early 1066, Edward the Confessor, the King of England at the time, died and Harold, Earl of Wessex was crowned king. William was furious, claiming that in 1051, Edward, a distant cousin, had promised him the throne and that Harold had later supported that claim.

William landed in England on 28 September 1066, and set up base camp near Hastings. On 14 October 1066, William marched against Harold, and Harold gets an arrow to the eye.

King Edward the Confessor

Edward was the one who the Battle of Hastings was about. In 1066, King Edward died and had no heir to carry on the family name and keep the throne in the family, so Harold, Earl of Wessex took the throne for himself, as he was the only one in the war who was actually from England.

Earl Harold of Wessex

After Edward was announced dead; Harold saw it fit that another English should sit on the throne, and took it for himself. After Harald of Normandy had attacked his troops in Wessex, Harold set sail to pick of the last of Harald's troops. With Harald out of the pictrue, he rode south to where William the Conquerer had landed. They battled to the finish, and after a nine-hour long battle, Harold died with an arrow to the eye.

King Harald of Normandy

Harald, the King of Norway, heard of Edward's death and since his ancestor's were originally from England and he had experience as a King, saw it fit to try for the Throne of England. He set out to England with his fellow Vikings and when he got to Wessex, made a surprise attack against the town in hopes that the Earl was there. With no such luck, they destroyed the village.

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