Ulrich Wolfgang Arnheim

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  From Riches to Rags

Ulrich lived  in Berlin , Germany , a high-class Jewish city . He was six years old and interested in learning , so he could become as successful as his parents . Ulrich's father was a successful lawyer , which explains how they resisted in this sophisticated , as well as integrated city . After the economics crashed , Ulrich's father lost his job , which left the family with no regular income . All Jews were barred from professional jobs . After this , there were massive riots spreading towards Berlin , Germany . The name of the spreading riots were called Kristallnacht because there were so much glass broken , so Ulrich's family wanted to depart from Berlin , Germany .  The family tried to register Ulrich into another school in England but they were turned down because Ulrich's father was fired and could not guarantee his monthly maintainence . The family tried containing visas to go to the United States , but were trapped by the Nazis in Octbober 1941 . The Arnheim family suffered from hunger and diseases before they were shipped directly to death camps . Anything happens at anytime . No matter how you start anyone has access to how you finish .

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