Abbot Giles Hayes

Community Service-focused Morristown, NJ, Educator

About Abbot Giles Hayes

A respected member of the Morristown, New Jersey, community, Abbot Giles Hayes has maintained teaching and administration roles with Delbarton School for half a century. While attending Delbarton School himself in the early 1950s, he held responsibilities as student government president. Subsequently completing undergraduate studies at Saint Vincent College in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, Abbot Giles Hayes joined the Saint Mary’s Abbey Benedictine community in Morristown. Professed as a monk since 1959, he earned ordination as a Catholic priest in 1965.

Abbot Giles Hayes has held a diversity of responsibilities with Delbarton School, including as counselor and football coach. He also engaged with the Educational Testing Service and College Board Examining Committee in the 1970s in creating the document-based question format that is now standard on Advanced Placement American History tests. In partnership with the Delbarton School Faculty Committee, he has been involved in the creation of so-called total emersion student community service programs. These involve collaboration with organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and the Appalachian Program. In all, the priest has guided the creation of more than 30 programs, including recent projects spanning Ghana, Tanzania, and Kenya.

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