Adly Wilson

Dentist & Owner of Greenbelt Dental Care

About Adly Wilson

A dentist serving patients in the Greenbelt, Maryland, region, Dr. Adly Wilson provides oral health care ranging from routine cleanings and examinations to tooth extractions. His Greenbelt practice stresses patient-driven preventive care, which means brushing with fluoridated tooth paste and flossing daily. Such oral hygiene habits help prevent periodontitis and tooth decay, conditions that sometimes require expensive interventions to remediate. Moreover, the preventive care encouraged by Dentist Adly Wilson helps preserve the aesthetic appeal of a healthy smile.

A practitioner respected by the wider professional community, Dr. Adly Wilson earned the Top Dentist in America designation several times from the Consumers' Research Council of America. In addition to his recognitions, he holds a Doctor of Dental Medicine from Boston's Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. Continuing his education, he completed postdoctoral studies in dental implantation.

Leveraging the above-mentioned education, Dr. Wilson delivers a diverse array of complex treatment options for patients who require them. For instance, he offers dental implantation, a procedure benefitting individuals with tooth loss. Once anchored in the jawbone, the implant provides the functionality and appearance of a natural tooth. Furthermore, he helps patients who require crowns, veneers, and other dental solutions.

As a client-focused dentist, Dr. Adly Wilson understands the budget concerns of his patients. When receiving a tooth filling at the Greenbelt practice, patients choose among a variety of options, each meeting different budgetary needs. Gold fillings, a premium option, deliver durability and eye-catching color. More traditional composite fillings, on the other hand, blend in with the surrounding tooth. Other materials like porcelain and silver round out the filling choices available at the practice.       

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