Adrienne's Bachelorette Blowout

...A last hurrah before these kiddos get married:

Friday - Sunday, June __

Come celebrate the last remining Single days for this blonde beauty. In her honor, the theme will be ___.

Hotel reservations will be at ___

# Bedrooms/checkin time

*Confirm if for whole weekend or just saturday and others traveling can stay with us

Shenanigans planned include...

  • Friday - make your way to Chicago (and crash between the locals after some casual food and bar hopping)
  • Saturday - 7pmTrolley pick up from hotel
  • 7:30 Dinner at Baton/KitKat Lounge___ with surprise show
  • After hours at The Hangeupp
  • Dispurse to recover until Sunday brunch at _____
  • (Hotel checkout at noon)

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