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About Larry Trucano Advanced Body Scan

Advanced Body Scan provides patients with accurate preventative health care screenings at an affordable cost. Screenings are available in a variety of scan types, including body, heart, lung, solid organ, abdominal aortic, and bone density scans. Based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Advanced Body Scan utilizes electron beam tomography (EBT) technology, which offers advanced screening capabilities and convenience to the patient.

Advanced Body Scan, established in 2011 by Managing Director Larry Trucano, utilizes state-of-the-art EBT scan technology to provide several advantages to patients, including accuracy, speed, and limited radiation exposure. EBT scans offer the fastest process available, allowing for extreme screening capabilities such as the ability to capture a single heartbeat, thereby providing physicians with images that can reveal even slight irregularities. The speed of an EBT scan also gives patients the ultimate in convenience. This advanced procedure does not require any timely preparation; the clinic's professional technicians are typically able to complete an EBT scan in 15 minutes or less. Another benefit to EBT scans is the limited exposure to radiation, increasing a patient's safety factor.

Larry Trucano and the professional staff at Advanced Body Scan highly recommend the use of an advanced EBT scan for early identification of health issues, including cardiovascular disease and lung cancer. Traditional body scans are unable to provide images that are as detailed as a screening performed by an EBT scan. The detection capabilities of an EBT scan provides images that can be used in preventative detection of cardiac coronary calcification, an indicator of cardiovascular disease, and abnormalities in the lungs. Detection of a health issue prior to warning symptoms can help medical professionals to treat a patient while the disease is still in a treatable stage. Larry Trucano is proud that Advanced Body Scan is the exclusive provider of EBT scans in the state of Oklahoma.

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