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For nearly 15 years, Adventure Life has been a premium provider of world-class eco-vacations to the Galápagos, Central and South America, and exciting destinations around the globe.

About Adventure Life Reviews

In recent years, the media has been filled with reviews of Adventure Life, a travel company that creates customized trips for travelers seeking unique experiences. While Forbes Magazine has identified it as the travel company of choice for the millionaires who staff Facebook, CNN Travel has praised the company for the trips it plans to the Galapagos Islands. Additionally, MSNBC featured Adventure Life as one of its top picks to arrange voyages to Antarctica, and the New York Times profiled military personnel who favor the company when seeking vacations that match their professional thirst for excitement.

Adventure Life has also earned favorable reviews as a great company to work for from Outside Magazine. Although planning trips for customers requires the company’s staff to log long hours at their desks, on the phone, and in front of their computers, CEO and Founder Brian Morgan arranges for them to take trips to Adventure Life’s featured destinations so that they can talk knowledgeably about the experience to prospective travelers.

Adventure Life’s Wine-focused Taste of Uruguay Tour

Offering a full range of adventure tours, from river expeditions to community stays, Adventure Life has received numerous positive reviews. Adventure Life’s veteran team has designed a number of culinary odysseys that range from the Chile Wine Adventure to Taste of Uruguay. Lasting four days, the Taste of Uruguay begins with a ferry boat ride from Buenos Aires to Colonia del Sacramento, a picturesque city with cobbled streets and numerous arts and crafts shops.

Food tour participants visit Zubizarreta Winery to sample the tannat and other distinctive wines from the region, many of which have a viticultural lineage to grapes from the French Basque region. Travelers next make their way to the capital city, Montevideo. On the way, they sample blue cheese at La Brida Farms, which is part of the cheese-producing “Colonia Suiza” formed by Swiss immigrants after World War Two. Evening in Montevideo is a perfect opportunity to sample fine dining and a vibrant nightlife that ranges from the traditional tango to modern discotheques. Day three encompasses a guided tour of the capital, with stops in the colonial Ciudad Vieja neighborhood and the bustling Port market, as well as visits to vineyards in the surrounding area.

The IGTOA Works to Preserve the Galapagos for Future Generations

Adventure Life is a travel company that has been praised in reviews from a range of publications for its tours offerings and commitment to sustainability. As part of this commitment, Adventure Life continually reviews its business practices and holds memberships in several sustainability driven organizations, including the International Galapagos Tour Operators Association (IGTOA).

Founded in 1997, the IGTOA is a nonprofit organization that is committed to protecting the Galapagos Islands for the enjoyment and education of both present and future generations of travelers. Working with the support of member companies and travelers from around the world, the IGTOA has contributed more than $600,000 to conservation efforts in the Galapagos archipelago since 1997 and has helped effect real change in the process.

In addition to helping protect the area from invasive species, the IGTOA has been active in preventing illegal fishing around the archipelago and has donated GPS systems and video equipment to help the Galapagos National Park service monitor illegal activity. Moreover, the IGTOA has sponsored several programs aimed at improving the education and professional development opportunities of the students and teachers that are there. These programs focus specifically on promoting students' awareness and understanding of the natural environment around them with the hope of creating a new generation of conservation-minded citizens and leaders.

Adventure Life - A Widely Recommended Travel Agency

Adventure Life, based in Missoula, Montana, has received numerous positive reviews and recommendations from travel guidebooks such as Rough Guides, Fodor’s, and Frommer’s. Adventure Life creates programs and administers a wide range of customized, land-based tours in Africa, North and South America, and worldwide. In operation since 1999, the company provides help with pre-trip logistics, and its staff is available throughout the duration of a trip to provide emergency customer assistance.

Adventure Life’s staff members possess extensive travel and volunteer experience all over the globe. Their in-depth, current research and attention to detail through regular site visits have resulted in their ability to deliver a high level of customer service and satisfaction.

Magazines such as National Geographic Traveler, Travel + Leisure, and Conde Nast Traveler have frequently recognized the company for consistently going beyond expectations. In 2011 and 2012, Travel + Leisure placed Adventure Life on its A-list among agents handling tours to the Galapagos Islands. National Geographic Adventure rewarded the company’s work with a Best New Trip designation in 2010. Among its other recognitions, the company has earned two annual Best Trip accolades from Outside Magazine.

Horseback Riding Adventures and More in the Belize Rainforest

Fielding a veteran team of travel guides spanning the globe, Adventure Life has received outstanding reviews from many tour participants. From mountain treks to river expeditions, reviews point to the planned itineraries that include scenic and cultural highlights. Adventure Life offers a number of horseback tours in locales such as Ecuador, Chile’s Easter Island, and Belize.

One of the most relaxing of these horseback-oriented trips is the five-day Chaa Creek Rainforest tour of Belize, which begins with touchdown in Belize City. Travelers are transported an hour and a half into Belize’s verdant countryside to the Lodge at Chaa Creek, where they are free to design a vacation at their own pace. In addition to equestrian activities, guests can participate in Macal River canoeing and Jaguar Paw cave tubing.

One of the highlights for many visitors is a trip to the Mayan Xunantunich ruins, which were rediscovered in the 19th century and feature a large-scale plaster frieze. Containing well-preserved sky-land figures, the excavated frieze once ran around the entire structure of the site’s temple, El Castillo.

Participants in the Chaa Creek Rainforest tour can also partake of a number of therapeutic offerings, from aromatherapy massage to facials.

A Classic Antarctica Air Cruise Offered through Adventure Life

Receiving numerous positive reviews, Adventure Life organizes wilderness safaris and tours that offer participants a chance to immerse themselves in different cultures. A so-called bucket-list Adventure Life tour of Antarctica has generated exceptional reviews and was recently featured in a Dallas Morning News article.

The journey is Antarctica XXI’s Classic Antarctica Air Cruise, which lasts a week and involves a two-hour flight from Punta Arenas in Chile to King George Island. The air cruise strategy effectively avoids a several-day crossing of the tempestuous Drake Passage from the tip of South America and allows maximum time for exploring Antarctica.

After arriving on this island situated just off the Western Antarctic Peninsula, a sea cruise that takes in the sights of the world’s most mysterious and desolate continent begins. One of the activities offered is a twice-daily chance to take sea kayaks and explore the calmer inlets and bays. Wearing survival suits, participants are able to experience wildlife, such as Gentoo penguin colonies and elephant seals, close up and explore life as it exists for hardy species in Antarctica.

Spreading Sustainable Practices with Rainforest Alliance

Providing travel adventure tours to locations such as Antarctica, the Arctic, Central and South America, and Asia, Adventure Life has received many noteworthy reviews for its services. Environmental protection and sustainability are a large part of its core beliefs. As mentioned in one of its reviews, Adventure Life partners with Rainforest Alliance to promote and patronize products and services that use environmentally sustainable practices.

Working to advance sustainable livelihoods while adhering to biodiversity conservation, the international nonprofit organization Rainforest Alliance collaborates with stakeholders in the forestry, agriculture, and tourism industries. In connection, the organization is assisting tourism businesses in environmental conservation and local livelihood improvement while also increasing business profits through various undertakings.

These initiatives include training tourism entrepreneurs to use more sustainable practices and inspiring them to voluntarily undertake any of the various certification programs. Rainforest also collaborates with tour operators who encourage hotels they work with to embrace sustainable practices, as well as provides marketing support to businesses that are Rainforest Alliance Certified. In addition, the nonprofit educates travelers to patronize operations that are certified in order to help them distinguish genuinely environmentally friendly operations from those that are not.

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