Amazingly Touching Photos

Grab The Tissue

Lucas Hembree and his service dog, Juno, share a moment.
A man does whatever he can to help save his wife’s life.
The Joy of A Surprise Proposal
An earthquake survivor finds a photo album in the remains of his home.
Meghan Vogel carries Arden McMath across the finish line of a 3,200-meter race
An arthritic 19-year-old dog named Schoep is cradled by his owner, John.
A Soldier Meets His Baby For the First Time
Hawkeye, loyal pet to Petty Officer Jon T. Tumilson, guards his casket.
Homeless and impoverished children living in New Delhi, India, receive education
8 Yr old son of fallen Marine Staff Sgt. Marc Golczynski accepts flag.
Arnulfo Castorena winning 1st gold medal swimming for Mexico in the Paralympics
A man teaches his girlfriend the alphabet after she lost her memory.
Irish rugby player Brian O’Driscoll shares his victory with his biggest fan.
Specialist Dean Oldt, a marksman w/ the 101st Airborne, is reunited with his dad
A cancer patient draws her wish on a mirror.
A woman whose husband passed away still has lunch with him every day.
A father and son’s relationship over the years.
Two brothers’ dreams come true.

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just beautiful~! 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

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ikr ( crying smiley faces )

2 years ago

@Rainbows: especially the last one. that's soooooooooooo touching

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really....really touching.........

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So BEAUTIFUL😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭