part 2 tackk report

The insulation I would use is fibreglass batts because fibreglass batts have been proven over time by being the insulation used in all houses and trusted by all family's living in a conventional home, the reason it works so well because the fibres in it are extremely good conductors and that means that heat won't get in because it will be absorbed by those fibres and heat won't get out because of this same reason I just mentioned before this makes for the ultimate insulator option on the market.First off I would install a large amount of solar panels to keep the house running a few other things that I would think are essential if your looking to make an energy efficient home would be : fluorescent light bulbs which conserve more energy and there is an extremely low amount of energy wasted into heat whereas the conventional light bulb wasted 80% of its energy into making heat energy and I would also use a electric hot water system because I have already installed the solar panels so then I don't have to pay extra for gas bottles etc. Another option that I would use in my energy efficient home might be to not have air cons because they have been proven to use a lot of electricity.The first thing that I would look at to make my house water efficient is a rain water system where the water runs off the roof into a water tank so I'm already saving money and water by using the rain water also if the house was situated in a rural area and there was a creek or river near by I would definitely consider getting a pump to pump extra water into the tank maybe an electric pump which could take electricity from the house.To allow convection and air flow, first i would observe which way the wind usually blows possibly using a weather vane to do so, so then I could situate the windows so that they were facing that direction which would allow the breezes to come in and cool the house down, one thing I would consider to allow convection in the home would to have ground based heaters so then the hot air will rise and then once it is cooled it will fall again thus causing convection in the home and it's rooms.I would have the house facing north for varying reasons such as the solar panels would have an optimal position for catching the most amount of sunlight possible because it would be exposed to direct sunlight for a large part of the day and many other reasons that could effect this factor.In the garden there are many things that can be done to prevent the sunlight coming into the house things like: planting deciduous trees around the windows so than in summer warmer months when the tree has plenty of leaves it provides shade keeping the house at a nice cool temperature and in the colder winter months when the tree has no leaves it allows the sunlight to come in and warm the house etc.In this energy efficient home plan I would use quite large windows to give optimal use of breezes and small winds maybe if the windows were also tinted it could also aid in the cooling of the house considering the sizes of the doors I would have large sliding doors on at least two locations on the energy efficient house for the front door I would have a conventional door for practical reasons also again I would take into account which way the wind blows for the best results in cooling the house.A few other thoughts I had: I would have a very open house plan so the air can circulate throughout the whole house, have a fireplace for heat and hot water instead off paying electricity.

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