Andrew Komesu

Experienced in Retail and Hospital Pharmacy

About Andrew Komesu

Leveraging decades of experience helping patients procure and understand their medications, Andrew Komesu serves Rite Aid of Los Banos, California, as a pharmacy manager. His duties in this leadership role involve dispensing medication, conducting health screenings, and furnishing immunization services to the wider community. Mr. Komesu prepared for his pharmacy career by earning a bachelor of science in pharmacy and biology from Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska. Soon after graduating, Andrew Komesu accepted his first pharmacist position at a major veterans hospital in Long Beach, California.
Over the past three decades, Andrew Komesu has held several leadership positions in the pharmacy field, including serving as director of pharmacy for Lassen County Hospital. Over his three-year tenure with the hospital, he helped establish the organization's first Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee. He also transformed Lassen's pharmacy operation from what was originally a small medication room to a professional, revenue-producing inpatient program eligible for Joint Commission accreditation.
In his private life, Mr. Komesu pursues his passion for dirt bikes and Harley Davidson brand vehicles. He also enjoys spending time with his children and his wife of 30 years.

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