Arthur Christiani

VP - Client Marketing Solution

About Arthur Christiani

An experienced business leader, Arthur Christiani has worked for some of the world's top companies including Pepsi, Duracell, Nabisco, Warner-Lambert, and Kraft to name a few. Arthur Christiani is currently running his own marketing research and consulting business called The Hendry Partnership, LLC.
Prior to founding The Hendry Partnershp, LLC, Arthur Christiani supported Millward Brown as vice president of client marketing solutions. He provides personalized research for clients in need of assistance with issues ranging from profits to price elasticity to media effectiveness. In providing his services, Arthur Christiani employs cutting-edge technology as well as modern methods of research and analysis. With a special interest in the market reaction to new packaging he has closely examined such notorious cases as the New Coke, Tropicana, and Adams cough drops packaging changes. A professional with deep understanding of his field, he understands the importance of brand heritage.

In recognition of his career accomplishments, Arthur Christiani earned several awards, including the Kraft Foods Sales Planning Support Excellence Award and the Kraft Foods Business Building Award, which he won for three consecutive years. The Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) recognized Arthur Christiani with its 2010 Innovation Award and its Lifetime Contribution Recognition Award. Further, he authored "Exploring Brand Equity" for the ARF.

He also received THe National Service Medal for his time at West Point.

In his private life, he enjoys spending time with his family and stays active through exercise and coaching.

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