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Article Rewriter 2.0

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This is an amazing piece of software unlike any other you have ever seen before. Most article rewriters on the market today don’t fulfill on any of their promises: the output is almost always garbage and it’s unreadable for most users. Also, it is never, ever 100% unique. It is known that Google has focused on bringing down such spammy content that most article rewriters provide. This is not just another article rewriter.

Article Rewriter 2.0 will rewrite every piece of content into a 100% unique article and still keep the content entirely human readable and SEO friendly. That’s because the final content will look the same as the initial content to regular users like you and me. It is only to search engines, Copyscape and the like that content looks entirely different, entirely unique.

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How is that possible? The tool will alter some “stop words” within every article. So in the end, all keyword-related content remains intact and all the SEO benefits are still there. You can go ahead and submit the very same piece of content to all article directories out there, build web 2.0s, use it for social bookmarks and so on. It’s truly a breakthrough in this industry.

>> Article Rewriter 2.0