Trying to put insomnia problems to rest

We all know what a bad night's sleep feels like but imagine if that feeling never ended. Susan Spencer finds out what is causing the insomnia epidemic effecting up to 30 million Americans and explores the latest research in combating to contain it.

FIRST LISTENING:  Watch the video / take notes.  Use the following cues to focus on the main ideas presented. 

·  Louisville, Kentucky

·  Insomnia facts & information

·  Sleep Center / Wendy Troxel (psychologist) / Dr Daniel Buysse

·  The brain

·  Problems

·  Solutions

·  Jamie Del

SECOND LISTENING:  Watch again, this time focusing on writing down VOCABULARY – words, phrases, collocations, and terminology specific to this subject.  Don’t worry about spelling at this stage!

And here is a link for expressions and phrasal verbs that use the word "sleep"