Multiple Intelligences

Take the tests, and learn about different ways we are "intelligent"

Website #1

Part One: GO TO THIS WEBSITE and click on "What are Multiple Intelligences" and fill in the chart on your worksheet with the names of the intelligences. Looking at the definitions, check whether you think these are "like me," "not sure," or "not like me."

Part Two: Go back and click "Take a Test" (in English of course!) and answer the questions. At the end, "view" your answers. Are these the same as your predictions in Part One, or were there any surprises?

Website #2

GO TO THIS WEBSITE NEXT, and scroll down to find the lists of jobs that would be suitable for different intelligences.  Write down several careers that would suit your top three intelligences.

Website #3

GO TO THIS WEBSITE and find the ninth intelligence. Describe it. Do you think you are strong in this intelligence?

You are done! Time for discussion!

Get together with your classmates and compare your results and findings. What did you find out? Were there any surprises? Anything you disagreed with? What jobs have/n’t you considered?

Here is a video that reviews what you learned, and discusses how these could be used / addressed in the classroom.