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Director of the 3D Printer: Haley Underwood

As the Director of the 3D Printer at the BLP office, I want you to help me make the most of your 3D printing experience! In other words, it would be helpful for you to give me feedback about different items you would want us to purchase for the printer. For example, specific filament colors or filament types. Do your research and then get back to me with your requests!

If there's nothing you want to specifically request, then you could ask questions about the quality of printing, printer settings, and/or anything you would like to know about 3D modeling and printing. Also, if anyone wants to request any 3D modeling and printing workshops for a certain department or club on campus, that would be great too! Below, click on the tag #BLPfeedback to find feedback posts from students. These posts will be viewed and answered on a daily basis.

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[Questions? Contact me!]