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BioMedical Future Factory

Redesign of production activities

This project aims to reconstruct a productive activity in Mirandola (BO), Italy.
The place hit by thr Emilian earthquake in May 2012. The biomedical industries were one of the most affected, so we decided to design a building for this sector with a production fully integrated with the city. We started with a preliminary analysis of the area, both regional and local scale.Then we analyzed the existing production models and we chose for the LEAN factory. Finally we considered both the flows in the macro area, and a hypothetical volume of the factory based on the spaces we wanted to design. The design process then advanced in a research of a form suitable for industry, first trying to define the internal paths, then working on the actual outline of the building.We defined a basic volume, initially free-shaped (emphasizing the power lines), then playing on to the relaxation of the mesh and applying spring forces.Even the definition of the interior was obtained manually shaping the mesh, based on the principle of a continuous surface that turns on itself. The form creates the space.Based on a solar analysis and power lines, we created a mesh of fibers.
Relying irradiance of the sun we found areas of relief, following the curvature. The goal was to simplify the shape, in relation both with productive and social aspects, not still consolidated in Emilian’s reality.Another purpose is to allow the public to interact with the industry. Also the exterior area was thought as a collective space, usable for everyone. The internal passage industry works also as public pedestrian street, and is on schedule an improvement of the surrounding industrial area, expanding public transport systems and services for employees.

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