Boozin & Bakin...and Bacon

A Chicago Girl's Guide to the City

Ideally, this is the place I will pull my great business idea from, whether it be a bakery serving booze (and bacon), a travel agency where I get to go everywhere too, or my first great novel!  Likely it is just another form of Pinterest where I'll post recipes I never cook...

How about some rules for the road...

  • Make friends who are more active and interesting than you - they will keep you from being boring.
  • Be impulsive while you can be - if it's booking a plane ticket, switching careers, ordering in when you have a full fridge. You will learn to manage money and consequences but never let them keep you from experiences.
  • If you have an issue with someone, process it first, then communicate with them. I still struggle with this and it can be suber uncomfortable but it saves a lot of damage down the road. From exes to friends, this one has bit me in the butt so try hard!

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