The Religious Ceremonies And Celebrations Of The Bar Mitzvah

The Jewish traditions have been different from most others and this is the main reason why everybody gets enchanted about it and is interested in knowing more about it. In the past their celebrations had been quite limited but now they celebrate events socially and let others known about it.

The Jews celebrate each phase of life whole heartedly and that is why we can see that only in Judaism we can find a unique festival like bar mitzvah which celebrates the passage of a boy’s 13th year and declares him as an important part of the family. The literal translation of the festival’s name comes as the “son of commandments” and after this rite the person can follow the commandments freely like other adults of the society. After this the boy can now read from the Torah at a ceremony which is usually a right bestowed only to adults.

During the ceremony, the boy has to learn a certain biblical text and then has to lead the prayer with that text. There are instances where the boy may even be asked to give a speech and put more light on the verse from the Bible which was mentioned earlier. The ceremony is quite religious and all the events are planned well in advance. The family can contribute to the Kiddush funds instead of paying any fees. They might arrange for the food or the floral decorations required. A dinner for folks is arranged on the night before and this is usually kept casual. Many even consider it optional and is not quite mandatory to attend it. The lunch after the ceremony is arranged and all those who have been a part of the ceremony attend it. This lunch is usually kept quite casual while the rich folks may prefer to have different menus and a lavish feast after the Mitzvah ceremony.

Nowadays the Jews have started celebrating the Bar mitzvah event quite socially and lavish parties marking this event have become quite common. If one is stumped about what is to be given as a gift for such an occasion then one can go ahead with any usual present that one would give to the boy during his birthday. The similar way of celebration for girl happens in the form of Bat Mitzvah where the similar ceremonies are conducted but here the star is a 13 year old girl.