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Born on September 16, 1925 and a survivor of WWII are some of many achievements that BbKing accomplished in his early life. Later after surviving WWII he went into the music world and rocked the blues section giving him the nick name the king of blues that he still holds today at the age of 76 and he is still light on his feet and rocks the crowds. He does 200-300 shows a year and as a guitarists some of kings best song are solos BbKing still today is faithful to the blues but as times changes he changed his stiles while still keeping it blues at the same time. BbKings way to fame was though his songs from 1952-2011 plus there is more that haven’t been told there relies dates because how old they were. His inspiration was from a blue-est stormy Monday which “what really started me to play the blues”

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