German history is a massive one and I will try to cover as much as I can in this paragraph. It started with the Romans trying to destroy the German clans and tribes. When the Romans attacked however they were defeated, and by defeating the Romans the Germans claimed the territory which is now known as Germany. After that they started the second world war(1939) which was a horrific time. next was the Cold War(1945) which was a war of espionage, in which Germany was involved, during that the Berlin wall went up(1961) and that was massive in Berlin because it divided the east and west parts of Berlin. When the wall came down(1989) though it seemed like a great thing the east and the West found it difficult to handle, because  the west Germans were so far ahead in technology where as the east Germans were still in the time of their old technology. This part of history still continues on today. The east Germans still haven't court up.