Collaborating on 4th GradeSTAAR Writing Practices

by Eve Degelman

Instruct students to log into Google Drive and search "STAAR" under Search AISD. Choose "STAAR Revise Edit-Bieber" (8 questions) after doing a shorter STAAR practice entitled, "STAAR Revision Lovato" (4 questions). Have them make a copy by placing their first and last name in front of the current title (remove, "copy of"). They should then pick a color that they will write their names on the top of the form and select answer choices with. When done, find a partner to share the doc with. Once partners have given each other comment privileges, they should go to their Shared with Me folder, find the classmate's document, and comment on the answer choices chosen by the classmate, indicating any different answers with reasons why. Finally, original owners should review their document, reading comments and changing any answers if he/she thinks the classmate's answer is more sensible than the original answer.

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