Bon Voyage

The Red lines represent the locations of the cites I will visit.

Melbourne-Sydney---1hr 25mins---877km

Sydney-Los Angles---20hrs 50mins---12065km

Los Angles-Sacramento---1hr 27mins---618km

Sacramento-Seattle---2hrs 46mins---1,211km

Seattle-Dubai---1hr 15mins---11901km


Colombo-Abu Dhabi---2hrs 55mins---3316km

Abu Dhabi-Sydney---20hrs 10mins---12080.89km

Sydney-Melbourne---1hr 35mins---877km



Hotels-Sri Lanka:$1134-California:$434-total:$1568

Spending money for Food, Attraction and Other Stuff:$6172.99

Travel Warnings For Sri Lanka

1. you should avoid all demonstrations and large public gatherings as they may turn violent.

2. Security forces maintain a visible presence throughout the country. military and police checkpoints are present along some roads and road closes can occur without warning.

3. In both the Northern and Eastern Provinces you should stay on main roads and pay close attention to signs warning of danger from landmines!

4. Be a smart traveler before going!

5. Credit card fruad is the most common type of crime effecting visitors.

6. the have been reports of thefts in hotels and guesthouses.

7. Organised and armed gangs are known to operate in Sri Lanka

8. Disputes between market traders and street hawkers can sometimes turn violent.

9.the Sri Lankan justice system can be slower than the US.

10. Violent crimes against foreigners are infrequent.


Sri Lankan:

1. St Anthonys Shrine

2. Lighthouse Gallery

3. Pilot Light House


1. Apple Inc.

2. Capitol Park

3. Authur F. Turner Community Libary

4. DisneyLand

5. San Diego Zoo


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