Goodbye Breaking Bad

A modern western coming to an end

An end to an era...

With the last episode of Breaking Bad coming to an end, many beloved Walter and Jesse followers don't know what to do next. Originally created by author, Vince Gilligan, same author behind the infamous X files series, this television drama has been easily claimed as the best show on television, ever.

Breaking Bad has been said to be the
"contemporary western" of this generation

The finale...

As many have witnessed, the end of the season portrays Walt accomplishing everything he has set out to do-providing his family with enough money to sustain itself after his death, and leaving it within the hands of his rich friends. The ending of this epic series provides viewers with a sense of closure not seen within many television series.

In the beginning

The creator of the Breaking Bad series set out to create a television series in which the protagonist became the antagonist, a change-up for the industry norm. The series itself was brought to light after joking about driving around the country and cooking meth in the back of an RV to make money. The show itself portrays a lot of overlap between Walt's character, and transcendentalist, Walt Whitman. Walt Whitman is the author of the famous poem book, Leaves of Grass.

Walter White & The Great Gatsby

Not only are viewers of the television series saddened by the closure of the series, critics have raved about the television show, and the charters portrayed through Gilligan's production. Many make the comparison between the farmer gone billionaire, Jay Gatz, from the The Great Gatsby, and Walter White-a comparisson not easily earned by many modern day series. took a different approach
to celebrate the finale-

Breaking Bad characters
in humorous roles...

Walter White is also a
monster in the Power Rangers

Drug kingpin, Gustavo Fring, was also Big Bird's camp counselor

Walt Jr. went to school
with Miley Cirus

Jesse was addicted to junk food

Todd, Jesse's ultimate enemy,
is a romantic in Friday Night Lights

Hitman Mike Ehmantraut
starred ina 1970's health movie based on women's periods