Hairspray Set Design

By Brittany Moore,
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In the Australian version of the Hairspray the Musical , it is hard to deny that the set is extremely inventive and innovative. Many LCD screens were used to create the multimedia set and the performers react seamlessly with the animation. This was all the from the creative genius of Eamon D'Arcy

Eamon D'Arcy is an Australian set designer, who has worked for companies all around Australia and even worked on the production of "Saturday Night Fever" in London's West End (2002). He did a Motley Theatre design course, in London, as well as having qualifications at the University of Sydney, such as Art History and theory, and a Masters degree. He is celebrated for his original use of LCD screens in Hairspray, which apart from being unusual, really added another dimension to the performance. The set has been described as "loud", and the bright, bold colours and the animation that works in unison with the play is remarkable.

D'arcy has also worked on some other impressive projects. He was a creative designer of the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2000 Paralympic Games, as well as being one of the creative designers of the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney.

There are aspects of the Opening show that hold similarities to his other work (Hairspray). The bright colours and large light displays are all things that he has carried into his work on the musical.

Eamon D'arcy isn't a particularly famous designer, but he, evidently, has great amounts of talent and creativity. He also has a very inventive and state-of-the-art style. His shows are a wonder to watch and lave you awestruck every time.

By Brittany Moore

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