Happy Holidays
from the CKV Family

& Best Wishes for a Joyful New Year

As the year draws to a close, there are an abundance of blessings for which this Brady Bunch meets Modern Family are grateful. And given its been such a long time since the last episode (aka, no holiday card for five years) allow us to catch you up on the cast of characters of the fabulous blended Celeste-Kramer-Viragh (CKV) clan.

Eleanor has transitioned from her research position on the Presidential Commission on Bioethics to grad school at Georgetown, and has completed her law school apps for a fall 2013 start; Stefan returned from his work for Soccer Without Borders in Kampala, Uganda and is now working in the Global Marketing Department at Reebok in Boston; Max continues to love Quest University in British Columbia, Canada leading the Outdoor Club with expeditions of camping and surfing up and down the Pacific coast; Marika is completing her senior year at Colorado College loving life at 6,035 feet, captain of the women's soccer team, finishing out her 18 years of soccer with an appearance in the Division 1 NCAA Tournament; Julia joined Rika at Colorado College last year and is an economics major, while super active leading her sorority philanthoropy efforts as well as serving as a reading tutor for young, less fortunate kids; and finally, Anna has followed in her brother's footsteps, attending Wheaton College outside Boston, where she is a sophomore, majoring in anthropology, playing on the women's lacrosse team and is serving as a preceptor.  

Although the family is literally scattered coast-to-coast, we cherish the moments we are together at our home on Martha's Vineyard, our home in Ohio, or traveling the world.  This past year, five of us were able to travel to Africa to visit Stefan in Uganda, and then traveled throughout Uganda and Rwanda, where we hiked the rainforest to see the Mountain Gorillas and also paid a visit to the beloved Ubumwe Community Center, an organization for the disabled, genocide victims that the CKV Family has supported for several years.  Throughout the summer, we were all together on the Vineyard, and as I write this note, we have all landed in Ohio and are gathering for holiday festivities.

By the way, this year, as you can see, we are using Tackk for our holiday greeting.  Not only does it save Mother Earth's resources, it's a simple new content creation company, based in Cleveland, that Christopher is helping with their start-up journey. Hope you enjoy the portfolio of family pictures from throughout the year!  For a closer look at the picture, simply click on the photo and it will appear above in the larger screen!

Wishing you a happy holiday & a wonderful new year.
Much love, Christopher, Nancy, Eleanor, Stefan, Max, Marika, Julia and Anna