CPC Broker

Increases Internet marketing efforts

About CPC Broker

Founded and operated by chief marketing officer Greg Chambers, chief operating officer Doug Wellens, and chief technical officer Chad Stalvey, CPC Broker offers a variety of campaigns to help increase Internet marketing efforts. Targeting businesses interested in increasing their pay per click, or PPC, the company weeds out unwanted traffic and focuses on clicks that result in sales. To date, CPC Broker has earned more than $50 million of valuable e-commerce sales for clients.

CPC Broker's campaigns function in real-time and come in five different levels: Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each package utilizes a CPC, or cost per click model, to work toward the maximum return on advertising investment (ROAI). Basic, the most affordable package, delivers between 160 and 253 clicks, while Platinum estimates between 1,800 and 2,900. Traffic data also streams faster at higher levels. Basic offers a standard streaming speed, while Platinum jumps to 10 times the standard.

All CPC Broker campaigns begin within 24 hours of clients ordering a package. For more information on the company and its five packages, visit www.cpcbrokertraffic.com.

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