As history tells us, this famous candy bar was not named after the city, but after the dance.  No matter, its a delicious candy bar and by coincidence has the name of the town to visit in Proposal # 2

You stay classy, Charleston.

Improv Comedy at Theatre 99, the Jazz Artisits of Charleston, nationally renowned seafood cuisine (that include the nations best fried oysters), and a look into America's wartime history are just a few of the reasons we should visit this historic city.  Surely a visit to America's oldest gardens with year round blooms, the Magnolia Plantation, will peak your interest.    

For the history buff in you, the trip will include a visit to where the Civil War formally began - Fort Sumter.  We may have to search long and hard to find a low income urban hipster in this town, but it is sure to deliver a weekend of cool sights and sounds.